• Deluxe Cage for 1 Cat: $22 per Day
  • Luxury Suite for 1 Cat: $27 per Day
  • Luxury Suite for 2 Cats: $39 per Day
  • Advantage Flea Control: $16 per Dose
  • Medication - The $10 daily fee includes giving one medication up to twice daily if your cat will tolerate it. No injections. No diabetics. New boarders maximum age of 14 and in good health. Refrain from boarding cats of any age recently treated for illness, contagious or not, injured, taking multiple medications, or otherwise compromised. Cats requiring medical care should board with a vet.

Boarding charges are calculated per calendar day, which includes the day of arrival and departure, regardless of time. 3 day minimum stay

Cages & Suites

  • Deluxe Cage $22
  • Deluxe cage 5’ wide, 3’ deep, 3’ high
    with half window.
  • Deluxe cages are doublewide with 2
    front doors.
Deluxe Suite
  • Luxury Suite $27 (1) cat or
    $39 for (2) cats
  • Luxury suite walk-in size 4’ x 6’x 8’ high
    with full size window
  • Multi-level resting areas
Luxury Suite

Appointments Are Required

  • See Hours/Reservations Page