• Deluxe Cage for 1 Cat: $22 per Day
  • Luxury Suite for 1 Cat: $28 per Day
  • Luxury Suite for 2 Cats: $39 per Day
  • Advantage II Flea Control: $16 per Dose
  • Medication - The $10 daily fee includes giving one medication up to twice daily if your cat willingly accepts it. No injections or diabetics.
  • New guests maximum age of 14 and in good health. Refrain from boarding cats that have recently had surgery, illness, or taking multiple medications.
  • No sick, sneezing or URI affected cats will be accepted. Cats requiring any type of medical care should board with a vet.

Boarding charges are calculated per calendar day, which includes the day of arrival and departure, regardless of time. 4 day minimum stay

Cages & Suites

  • Deluxe Cage $22
  • Deluxe cage 5’ wide, 3’ deep, 3’ high
    with half window.
  • Deluxe cages are doublewide with 2
    front doors.
Deluxe Suite
  • Luxury Suite $28 (1) cat or
    $39 for (2) cats
  • Luxury suite walk-in size 4’ x 6’x 8’ high
    with full size window
  • Multi-level resting areas
Luxury Suite

Appointments Are Required

  • See Hours/Reservations Page