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Cats are amazing creatures! Catnaps Feline Hotel in Clarence NY is an innovative concept in cat boarding and we have been around since 2009. WE ARE CATS ONLY! We are not an add-on to a dog kennel. We are an all inclusive feline resort. When you board with us you won't have to pay extra for services such as playtime, treat time, or just some extra loving. We believe that those services should be standard. Why pay extra for love and attention? Don't you want that to begin with?

At Catnaps your cat is guaranteed to have his or her own personal space. We NEVER mix cats from different families in the same hotel room.

Luxury walk-in suites and spacious cages are available. Gone are the days of cats being kept in small dark box cages. Our guests each have their own private window to enjoy. Catnaps is climate controlled with air conditioning in summer and radiant heated floors in the winter. There is a powerful backup generator for emergencies. The atmosphere is clean and bright, with soothing music playing, alternated with play time, rest time, and of course meal time!

Catnaps is located in a private home. The hotel is a small family operation, so your kitty does not have to adjust to a rotating staff. We take pride in keeping the facility very clean, organized, and running on time, to better serve our customers and keep our service small and personalized.



Catnap Feline HotelCatnaps Feline Hotel
9175 Main St [Locate]
Clarence NY 14031
Near southwest corner of Main & Sheridan